Welcome to The Phat Life Collective

Induldge The Soul w/ The Inner Confidence Mystic, Ash Mac

About The Phat Life

The Phat Life Collective is a all-inclusive community meant to inspire you to live life authentically in a way that will open your heart and hone your intuitive mind. By building inner confidence through body positivity, astrology, spirituality, metaphysics and more. Learn to love yourself, and others, so that you have fun while creating your most authentic Pretty Hot And Tempting Life.

What You Will Find In The Phat Life?

Social Connection

Join like-minded individuals with backgrounds from all over the world in a safe space to be yourself, authentically, which will help build your confidence as we grow together

Guided Journey

Spirituality is a very personal journey, but you are not alone. Find your way through your journey with procured informational guides to help you grow and learn more about topics such as astrology, tarot, intuition, manifestation, makeup and more.

Authentic Energy

A place to uplift and inspire each other. Even if you're not very far in your own spiritual journey, that's ok. It's about living life authentically and uplifting others as we live, learn, and grow in this human existence.  No matter your background.

Why You Should Join Us

The Phat Life is a place that is diverse and EMPOWERING. 
By joining this incredible community, you can feel safe, supported, and like you finally belong while you gain knowledge for your own personal and spiritual growth. Plus, it'd be cool of you if you did. :D 
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