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About The Phat Life

The Phat Life Collective is an inclusive community meant to uplift and inspire you to rise above and live life authentically in a way that will open your heart and hone your intuitive mind for self awareness and growth through self-love, body positivity, astrology, spirituality, metaphysics and more. 

Founded by Ash Mac, a mother, professional makeup artist, modern-day mystic, and member and mentor of both her local community and the global community through her work with The Phat Life Collective.  

For over a decade, Ash Mac has been a makeup artist specializing in all types of makeup  from glam to gore. She has been nominated in CityView Magizine's Best of the Best list multiple times, and voted one of the top makeup artists in in 2014.

In 2018, while searching for more soul- aligned opportunites and friends, she began a journey to discover her own inner power through body positivity, spirituality and the metaphysical. As an astute empath with deep intuition and an ability to manifest goals, she has touched hundreds of lives as she has guided others on their spiritual journeys. 

A session with Ash Mac will bring a compassion and fun light into your life that will allow you to recognize opportunities to build confidence for self growth and awareness. 

While those discoveries may not always be comfortable, her caring and honest spirit will make sure you leave her with not only the knowledge you came for but also the tools to help you on your journey through her teachings in The Phat Life Collective. 

Ash Mac is a master at making you feel like you can rule and revel in your life as the beautiful soul that you are. She does this not only with inner light and esoteric knowledge, but her background in makeup artistry that can help you feel empowered both on the inside and out. 

What You Will Find In The Phat Life?

Guidance As You Awaken

Spiritual awakenings can be rough, and there's so much information out in the world. Where do you start? Spirituality is a very personal journey, but you are not alone. Find your way through the mud as you rise on your journey of self growth, self-awareness, and self-love with guides, prompts, events (virtual and in person), and more on topics such as astrology, tarot, intuition building, manifestation and law of attraction, and so more. 

A Place of Belonging

Join a diverse group of individuals, from newbies just starting to veterns that have been on the path for most of their lives, in a space where you're encouraged to be yourself, authentically.

Community Channels

 Organized channels allow you to pick and choose what you are interested in most so you're feed isn't bogged down. Some topics include astrology, plants, tarot, emergency preparedness/sustainability, witchery, and more!


By being able to surround yourself with positive people in an environment that encourages you to be yourself, you will feel empowered to take control of your life and build a peaceful life reconnected to the collective source.

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